The schools funded through Savannah Education Trust are Christian in:

  • Structure. The schools are managed by the local Baptist church, under the supervision of local pastor and programme manager Charles Karbo, on behalf of the whole community.
  • Ethos. That is they are guided by Christian principles, and the assemblies/religious teaching are conducted with this ethos in mind.
  • Resources. Teaching materials such as reading books are, where possible, of a Christian character

It is however important to emphasise the following:

  • The schools are open to all children regardless of religion, disability or background.
  • Attendance of parents or pupils at church services is not compulsory nor is it a prerequisite for attending school. The majority of parents in these villages do not attend the Baptist church.
  • No pressure is placed on pupils to be baptised or join the church.

The scope of the Savannah Education Trust is limited to the provision of education and the relief of poverty, and it is not therefore a missionary organisation. It is, however, the prayer of the founders of the Trust, the programme managers in Ghana and many of our supporters that God would use the education provided for the moral and spiritual benefit of the children and their communities.