Remembering Savannah Education Trust in your will can effect real change in the communities, families and particularly the lives of children living in extreme poverty.

We have found previously that receiving a legacy has allowed us to expand the work to help more children. For example, a legacy has transformed the lives of those living in the village of Korh:

Korh School

Before Korh Baptist School was built in 2014, Korh was a remote village entrenched in the systemic cycle of hand to mouth living. For most people the main aspiration was to find sufficient food and water for the day.

In 2012 Savannah Education Trust received a legacy that provided the funds needed to reach this isolated village. The school was completed in 2014 and already the village has been transformed, the signs of malnutrition are disappearing and there are fewer serious illnesses among young children. The children’s skills, hopes and aspirations are being lifted through education and a foundation has been laid to educate the children of Korh for many generations to come.

Your Legacy

A legacy can make a real difference to our work with some of the poorest children in West Africa. If you would like to discuss leaving a legacy please contact us here.