The Trustees see the role of the charity as providing capital for Christian schools and (on occasion) expert input. We also run ongoing programmes to help ensure that the schools work as effectively as is possible.

Our mode of operation is to work through the local Baptist churches who, with the agreement of the village chief and elders, run schools on behalf of the community.

Full community involvement is ensured by committees made up of representatives from the village and the church.

We are passionate about the aim of providing an education for each boy and girl in these villages, irrespective of background, no matter how poor and despite any disabilities.

We are committed to transparency and careful audit both in the UK and Ghana, and a note on our accounting policy is here.

The activities are based around three principles:

Education – because this is central to the physical and spiritual welfare of any community

Independence – because decisions should be made, wherever possible, at the local level by local people. Materials for buildings and food for the feeding programme are sourced at the local level.

Sustainability – because developing, as circumstances allow, self-supporting strategies benefits both the charity and the communities in which it works.