Visit to Gberi

During November we received the following report from a British charity worker who had recently returned from Upper West Region of Ghana. She took the opportunity to see the new school building in the village of Gberi.

Constuction of Gberi School

“It was interesting to see how things were progressing with the kindergarten and P1 class (first year of primary school) up and running – the two classrooms with a roof on! Charles Karbo explained the layout of the buildings, how the central area would have a flag in the middle where the children would gather to start the day at school and plans for a sports field. We walked to the bore hole which he said gave a plentiful water supply so served to aid irrigation of local fields and a drinking supply for animals as well as the school and local community.”

“The quickest route to one village is across marshy ground so they are planning to create a raised walk way to make access quicker and safer for the children. Charles explained the school had been placed in a location central to a few settlements to make it accessible to all. The area seemed so peaceful and calm, the place had a lovely atmosphere. Wonderful to see a community working with what they have and making the best of things!”

As of January 2011, the building work at Gberi is reaching its final stages.