Dear Supporters,

It has been our privilege over the years to keep in regular contact and provide updates on the work of Savannah Education Trust. We are thankful, as the work has expanded, to be able to report exciting developments: new schools, more pupils being supported and fed every day, and the wonderful impact of a Christian education in the remote communities of northern Ghana.

But we have now come to a more difficult moment in Savannah’s history. Like the rest of the world, Ghana has been affected by Covid-19. We are thankful that the virus, so far, has not made significant inroads into the Ghanaian population. Nonetheless, the government has felt it prudent to take cautionary measures, including the closure of all schools. This obviously includes all of the schools across the eight villages in which we work.

For our pupils that is particularly challenging. Their families have come to very much appreciate both the education and the meal being provided each day. We are just approaching what is known locally as the ‘hungry’ season – the months leading up to harvest in early autumn. The effect of a short-term lockdown has also meant that food prices have risen, at least temporarily.

In response to the increasing living costs, we have increased our allowance to all staff. There is much fear in the local area, and very little provision for combatting the virus. We have, therefore, also made a contribution toward supporting local health workers with some basic facilities including specialist buckets (holding water to allow for hand-washing), locally produced face masks, liquid soap and hand sanitisers. Although this, of course, has meant an increased cost at a difficult moment we felt as trustees that it was the right thing to do. We feel a great responsibility and affection for both our staff team and the communities that they serve.

On a more positive note, we are able to continue with much of our existing building work, including the long planned senior school in the village of Korh and our new Teacher and Learning Resource Centre.

We need your support and prayers more than ever in these uncertain days.

With very best wishes, and on behalf to the trustees,

Paul Ramsbottom