Under construction

The road from Lawra (the market town where our office is based) towards Wa, the regional capital, heads due south. It is only a few hundred metres before you are out in savannah landscape, with the pot-holed road surrounded by beautiful acacia and baobab trees. In the dry season, the land is barren ochre earth for as far as the eye can see. But when it rains, the landscape changes entirely and comes alive with greenery in every direction.

If you keep driving, you soon pass the village of Mettoh (off to the right), where one of our schools was opened in 2013. A little further, but off to the left, is Tungan-Zagkpee where Savannah’s hill-top school was opened in 2017.

Continuing toward the southernmost edge of the district you take a dusty, red track down toward the Black Volta river and finally reach the community of Birfobaapari (or simply Baapari for short). It is a simple farming community, with scattered homesteads across the savannah.

It is here that our new school is being built and we are very thankful to be able to report that the walls of the new school are starting to rise. This will be the eighth school and we hope that the first classes will start in September 2019, if the Lord will.

We very much appreciate the support that we have received from two grant-making organisations and a family – all of whom have made generous donations to cover the costs of the construction in Baapari. There remains a funding shortfall of £15,000 on the cost of the nursery school.