Opened: 2018

If you follow the road east out of Lawra, you come to the settlements of Eremon and Domweni. Eventually you come to the village of Boo, right on the edge of Lawra District, and the site of our seventh school.

The village of Boo lies in a very populous area, and unusually for a Savannah school, already had a number of children who have had some form of schooling, prior to the Savannah school being built. They obtained this by walking a long distance to a severely overcrowded school in the next village. Building a Savannah school in Boo has enabled all the children in the village to attend school and has also relieved the severe overcrowding at the existing school. A consequence of this situation was that right from the start we had a few children in each class from Kindergarten right up to Junior High School – and therefore needed to build all three buildings at once rather than starting with just the Primary School as we usually do.

A borehole was drilled at the start of 2018, and by April 2018 the community had completed the 12,000 blocks which are necessary for building work (created from 400 bags of cement and a serious amount of sand). The opening day for the school was held in May 2019, although the school was open and accepting children since the start of the 2018/19 academic year. The work at Boo was funded from a number of different sources, including donations kindly made by grant-making organisations.