Opened: 2017

The countryside in the area in which Savannah Education Trust works is beautiful: a classic savannah landscape, barren in the dry season but alive with green grass and fruitful trees during the time of the rains. As you leave the Trust’s small office in the market town of Lawra and head south, you travel along bumpy tracks through this attractive scenery to two adjoining villages – the villages of Tungan and Zagkpee.

As we often comment when showing photographs of this area, the glory of the landscape is deceptive. If you lingered a little longer at these villages, you would soon find shocking incidences of desperate poverty: subsistence farmers struggling to make ends meet and malnourished children. And, until recently, you would have searched in vain for a school. Neither of these two villages has ever enjoyed the benefits of an education.

Between the two villages is a small hill: a vantage point that allows views across the local area. It is here that our sixth school has been built. The construction of Tungan-Zagkpee School took just 7 months, from the initial community meetings, to an operating school. In these few months the prospects of the children of this village have been dramatically transformed.