Opened: 2010

Pavuu village (pronounced ‘Pa-voo’) is about five miles south-east of the major market town of Lawra. It is just off the mud road which runs east from Lawra towards the town of Jirapa.

The village sits by the nearby Kunyukuo tribituary , which is often dry. The soil is not especially fertile and, with the seasonal and inconsistent rains  in this area,  the farming is very hard. There is a small Baptist church in the village.

The school was opened in 2010, and was commissioned on the same day as Gberi School. The pilot scheme to use e-books, in partnership with WordReader, is taking place in this village (see The motto ‘Veritas Vincet’ – ‘Truth prevails’, chosen by the local team, is on the front of the school. Interestingly, it was also the motto of the Hussites.