Dear Supporters

Between the villages of Tungan and Zagkpee in northern Ghana is an area of high ground. If you had walked across the savannah this time last year you would have encountered a peaceful scene: a view across the countryside and the scattered, simple homes below. Yet that tranquil December scene would, in many ways, have been misleading. The two villages were facing the same severe poverty that they had encountered across generations. Neither enjoyed the benefits of a school. Children like Nuo Ziem (aged 9) had no prospect of education and, without opportunities, spent their time helping with basic farming and other chores. Many of her fellow children in the village died before they reached adulthood.

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Dear Supporters,

Benedicta is a little girl that we know in the village of Mettoh in northern Ghana. She is four years old. She will never forget the year 2013. It was the year that her father died.

But 2013 was also the year that a school was opened in her village, funded by Savannah Education Trust. During the construction process her father acted as a watchman on the school site, and allowed the tools to be stored in his house.  Now, in his absence, the school is serving his daughters. The new school in Mettoh is very close to Benedicta’s house and she attends it every day with her seven year old sister, Inpeng.

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